We make top quality work, and we recognise that diversity is to the benefit of that work

We create consent informed spaces to give everyone an opportunity to maintain accountability and therefore a chance to thrive while exploring the artform

To be an equitable diverse organization, The Nursery Theatre must maintain diverse representation in every part of our organization — from Board of Trustees to our guest facilitators.

The accountability measures set in place by The Nursery Theatre applies to everyone engaged with the organization — from Board of Trustees to audience members.

We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment on any grounds. We go beyond the UK's legally protected identities (not limited to gender, nationality, class, sexuality, disability) , to include personal identities that have gained acceptance in other parts of the world. You can read more about our Harassment policy in our Code of Conduct..

You are encouraged to communicate concerns and complaints in the moment and through our feedback mechanisms. The website feedback form allows for anonymous dialogue with our senior management team. You can directly connect with management or the Board of Trustees by email.

We are able to accommodate some individual needs in their learning and performing journey.

A transparency list of changes made over time

Inclusion and Equity Statement Changelog